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Autumn/Winter 2021 trends

Autumn/Winter 2021 trends

Autumn and winter 2021 are very much here, with their freezing temps and grey, rainy days. Thankfully, we can find joy in fashion - after all, winter is when fashion trends become about layering, rugging up and playing around with textures.

If you've been standing with your wardrobe open each morning wondering what on Earth to wear, we're here for you.


Giving up on comfort seems inconceivable. We now take for granted a need of protection and well-being, with a constant focus on softness and caring.

Casual looks evoke soft, cozy cocoons, an invitation to rediscover a delight in how fabrics feel. We can’t wait to curl up in the season’s big, enveloping blankets. Their fuller, even exaggerated volumes and frothy and delicate fabrics evoke comforting shelters – a bubble of well-being in this very particular season.

A desire to stand out, to liven up our everyday and look ahead with the help of some festive touches infuses each moment of our lives. A dress with super puffy sleeves or an entirely sequined top worn with sneakers in a bright pop of color is one way to shin –  whether behind a computer screen or out at the club.


In menswear and womenswear; red and its many variations give a powerful boost to next season’s silhouettes. Passionate and dramatic, red is flamboyantly worked in lace and satiny silkies. Powerful and energizing, red plays a catalyzing role in sport and tech silhouettes, neatly offsetting the ever-present pastels found in the wellbeing universe.

Ski chic

Ski chic is this season's obsession, complete with quilted clothes and comfy jumpsuits, parkas, puffers and even balaclavas. All of the codes of winter clothing have been reinterpreted with an urban twist. In the modern city, winter brings protection, comfort, and chic.

Knitwear and knitted dresses

The obsession of the season, knitwear favors a comfy yet sexy silhouette. Dresses come as long as you like, can reveal the skin here and there, or are transparent for a more daring effect.

Knitwear is always a good investment for winter, but in 2021/22  the key piece will be long knitted dresses. Taking a bodycon shape but making it chic, not 2012, the long knit dress will become your office AND weekend staple - pare back with a denim jacket and chunky boots for the weekend, opt for a loafer during the week. Easy.