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Big city fashion trends 2021

Big city fashion trends 2021

Suburbanization, mass marketing, the franchising of restaurant and retail chains, the spread of television and not to mention, social media, may have increased the appeal of “alternative” lifestyles for individuals in search of “authenticity.”

Combining different styles, like elegance and sport at the same time, became an attractive tool for representing yourself. We all know how our grandparents react when they see the evolution of style in this modern era. They are simply at a loss of words. They cannot make sense of the fashion trends in which, for instance, elegance is not just a nice dress for a girl anymore, but girls and boys can practically wear the same clothes, like sneakers, T-shirts or even baggy pants. That being said, let us dive into modern big city trends of 2021.

Wide leg pants

These oversized pants may not be as flattering as the skin-hugging style of previous years, but they will be the main trend of this year's spring and summer fashion. Wide leg pants are comfortable, of course, and can be combined with bralettes, lace blouses, or crop tops to show off your femininity, or wide T-shirts, blazers, and sneakers for a strong, sporty look. Either way, the elegance they put on fashion girls' generous and confident strides is undeniable.

Bralettes and corsets

Nothing is more "summer" in spirit than dynamic crop tops. This summer, fashion houses bring new freedom when breaking with bralette and corset. From plain to colorful, simple to complex, there are all kinds of different styles for you this summer. And of course, they also bring positive energy to your street-style ensembles.

Minimalistic staples

Perfect the art of the uniform by simplifying your summer wardrobe. Incorporating basics in subdued colors and no-fuss silhouettes isn't reinventing the wheel, but it is a foolproof approach to chic summer dressing. 

Mini skirts

This summer, minis are making a major comeback. An abbreviated hemline will lengthen the look of your legs and showcase your season's most fashionable footwear. In a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, and loads of floral prints, minis do not fall short.

Blazers and trenchcoats

Blazers and trench coats have become popular items in the fashion world. However, this spring, brands have brought a completely different look to them. Starting with Balmain's pointed shoulder blazer, Alexander McQueen's short vest, Givenchy's fancy fleece jacket, or the unbuttoned trench coats of Louis Vuitton and Prada, these classic designs promise to bring a summer of fresh inspiration for fashion lovers.


A pale pastel palette is calming on the nerves and easy on the eyes. Wearing candy colors isn't just for babies (or millennials). Everyone can don a cool mint skirt or a tranquil lavender blazer to celebrate the solstice.