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Hot summer trends 2021

Hot summer trends 2021

You can just feel the excitement in the air for summer. With talk of the vacations we’re manifesting, the new-season trends bubbling up, and general enthusiasm for the reemergence outfits and revenge heels we’ll be wearing in the reopening world, summer fashion is all we can talk about right now. Let us show you latest trends of this summer and guide you through them.

Beautiful dresses

With the world reopening, the last thing we want to be caught in is basics in any form—we want the excess. Give us all the beautiful dresses with colorful prints, cutouts, and colors. We want to be doing the most and wearing the most beautiful pieces all summer. Great example of the beautiful dress is the Fatal Dress from Wolford. A dress that embodies multifunctionality, effortless elegance, comfort and feminine self-confidence. The length of the dress can be altered and transformed into a skirt or even a top. From morning to night and for on journeys. Non-crease, space-saving and numerous styles. As something unique and sustainable we also recommend Aurora Monogram Dress. Dress made from recyclable yarn with an integrated logo design, featuring a popular short length.

Asymmetrical fashion

There's nothing wrong with traditional, but now that we finally have more chances to wear full outfits, we're ready to shake things up. Asymmetrical skirts are a quick way to give your look a fashion-forward twist, while any old T-shirt or button-down will help balance out such a statement-making piece. You can find some trendy asymmetrical pieces in our new Superdry collection. They will attract the attention to your looks and spice them up a little bit.

Ruffles and volume

Once the warmer weather hits, we become big fans of easy, airy, throw-on-and-go dresses, and we're definitely digging options with tiers and voluminous skirts for 2021. Not only will this detail help to take this simple style solution up a notch, it's the perfect way to draw attention to those out-of-hibernation stems.Volume is also oversize. And we know that oversized clothing is always a trend. Dresses, shirts, maxi skirts and even hoodies are in trend now.

Neon and vibrant colours

Another quick switch that will be a treat to your looks? In-your-face colors. Now is the time to finally say yes to neon, bright, metallic, or pastel clothing that you might have shied away from pre-pandemic. And, if you're really in an all-eyes-on-me mood, dare yourself to color block  when picking out a shirt. This summer is all about bright colours. Don’t be shy and try all the different colour combinations, but also don’t be too enthusiastic and don’t forget about complementary colours and colour wheel.


Sequins are a classic trend we've relied on for celebratory occasions — and we're pretty sure finally leaving the house is celebration enough. There's no need to save your skirts and, yes, sequin pants and shorts, for the nights out, either. Style them with bodysuits, tank tops, tees, and other basics, as well as your trustiest pair of sneakers, to make them work for daytime hours, too. Or, find yourself an equally bold top — the choice is yours!