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Napapijri New collection FW21

Napapijri New collection FW21

Napapijri’s FW21 collection is celebration  of  the  brand’s  mountain  origins  and  DNA.  From the mighty Dolomites to inspirational Nepal, this collection celebrates the beauty  of  outdoor  living through  colour,  shapes,  and  materials that  bring  to  life  Napapijri’s authentic connection with nature.  From the 100% recyclable, C2C Gold Certified® Circular  Series  to  NATIVA®  certified wool,  this  collection  upholds  the  brand’s commitment to sustainability and elevates it through design and innovation. 


A collection of premium outdoor styles merging urban aesthetic, functionality, and comfort for eco-conscious consumer.

The clean, bright shapes and light of mountains determine this collection’s character and its choice of cuts, materials, and colours. Early alpine explorers’ outfits inspired a deep  research  into  chequered  patterns  and  quilted  garments  and inform  the  wide  juxtaposition  of  technical  materials  with  noble  fabrics  such  as  wool.  Flannel  shirts,  corduroy trousers, rich jacquards, re-create the touch and feel of alpine life of times gone, while fleeces and jackets revisit the world of trekking and Nepalese traditional garments with aesthetic references to ropes, plaid flannel, felted patches and colourful patterns looking back at local arts and crafts. The colour palette celebrates nature and the powerful shades of the Nepalese landscape and prayer flags mixing earth colours such  as  bright  greens,  sand,  desert ocra,  orange, and  curry  yellow  with  light  pinks,  reds, and blues.


100% recyclable, C2C Gold Certified® In  FW21,  Napapijri’s  100%  recyclable,  C2C  Certified®  and  fully  circular  family  of  garments  continues  to  grow  to  include  knitwear  for  the  first  time.  The  four  Nylon  6  jumpers for men and women are defined by sleek raglan sleeves, classic ribbing, and speak  to  Napapijri’s  most  contemporary  aesthetic.  Circular  Series  also  includes  the  newly designed Circular Puffer, characterised by an original military quilting, and a 4-pockets, twill version of the iconic Skidoo Open.

PUFFERS: Animal-friendly Winter classics

FW21 Collection  explores  the  puffer  in  all  its  comfy,  functional  glory,  and  continues  Napapijri’s mission to protect the animals by being completely down free. The male range includes a 300-gram, seamless, and reversible puffer, a more elegant 4-pocket puffer  with  detachable  hood,  a  quilted  puffer  in  green  and  orange  made  of  stretch  material, and a puffer in ripstop fabric. The female section features the same seamless puffer  shaped  at  the  waist  and  created  using  a  taffeta  nylon  fabric  where  warp  and  weft are made in different colours to enhance dynamism, and the 4-pocket puffer with a coulisse at the waist. 


A collection authentically driven by our outdoor DNA re-framed and re-interpreted for contemporary streetwear consumers.

FW21’s  Unlimited  Collectionexplores the way in which the mountains have shaped Napapijri’s DNA. A thread that runs from the Dolomites and Nepal connects the dots of a collection that celebrates the brand’s history through a deep dive in its archives. Built on materic and chromatic contrasts, the classic lines of trekking-inspired trousers, fle eces and sweaters are refreshed and energised by fluo details, reflective elements, prints, and graphics. The colours of earth, ice and rocks come together dynamically and recreate the depth of mountain landscapes in both monochrome tones and printed graphics applied to a classic streetwear staples such as hoodies, sweats and t-shirts.while  the  seasonal  all-over  print  is  a  magnified  image  of  hornbeams,  which  come  together in a play of yellows, orange and browns to create a unique camo effect used on jackets, fleeces and long-sleeve t-shirts.


Just like with the rest of the collection, jackets  are  a  huge focus and are one of the clearest moments of rediscovery of the brand’s authentic, mountain-inspired aesthetic. From  the  Skidoo  Lavaredo  in  New  Cordura  180,  to  a  nostalgic vest,  the  “archive”  section is really an homage to our past.