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Tips On How to Choose A Winter Hat

Tips On How to Choose A Winter Hat

Choosing which hat is right for you and your style could be a little tricky. Most of us wear what we are comfortable in, but for those who want to go another step further, here are some interesting tips.

For fashionistas, outdoor adventurers and for those who just want to be “stylish” – this winter’s trend are bucket hats! They are the perfect way to top off your personal style.

If you want to highlight your ears or earrings, then you should rely on beanies. Stick to these failsafe winter hats, and you can’t go far astray.

A pom-pom might not be a decorative detail that men will try on, but it may come as a surprise to learn that it actually has its roots in the military. Pom-poms were used by Napoleon’s infantry and the Scottish Highland regiments on their hats to differentiate between companies.

You might consider wearing a baseball cap in the wintertime. However, make sure the weather is warm enough. But we all love caps, and even in the winter we cannot make ourselves not wear them.

Friendly remind: for every nice hat, there is an equal and opposite awkward one.

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