Napapijri FW20 Collection Overview


Napapijri’s FW20 collection celebrates the brand’s origins by going back to the Arctic Circle in Finland.
This inspiration is particularly close to the brand’s DNA
as Napapijri means “Arctic circle” in Finnish.

The collection celebrates the nature, folklore, and sustainable ethos of Finland, a country whose beauty stems from the interplay between land and water, sea and coast, men and nature. The collection expresses Napapijri’s commitment to design, sustainability and innovation by exploring recycled fabrics and sustainable messages across a varied range of styles united by the unique aesthetic inspiration from Finland’s breath-taking landscapes.

This inspiration is particularly close to the brand’s DNA
as Napapijri means “Arctic circle” in Finnish. For this reason the two key-collections, The Wonder and The Tribe, engage with the same concept and translate it in di
fferent ways: The Wonder - through the clean, sharp lines and premium materials; The Tribe - by playfully bringing its urban spirit back to nature.

The Wonder. Premium Casualwear Collection

FW20 Wonder Collection take its inspiration from ports and travel by water, where man meets the elements and faces
a complex system of architecture, nature, and geographical boundaries.

Using design, sustainability, and innovation as the guiding principles behind its creativity, FW20 presents straight cuts, contemporary shapes and refined details that reflect the importance of architecture in shaping this ever-evolving space where human activity meets nature.

Key Collection Stories

Napapijri Circular Series

Launched in FW19 with the original
Infinity Anorak, FW20 marks the launch of Napapijri Circular Series – a family of fully recyclable jackets in Nylon 6 that represents Napapijri’s commitment to embrace circular design to create a better future for fashion. The Circular Series expands to include
a warm, stylish pu
ffer created through
a “zero-waste” design approach. The Napapijri Circular Pu
ffer has been designed and cut using an optimised pattern, thus considerably reducing the amount of scraps resulting from the production process.

20-22° Series

The pinnacle of Napapijri’s innovation for FW20,
20-22° Series takes its name from the average temperature at which the human body is most comfortable. This range

of beautifully designed winter jackets
is defined by essential lines, detachable elements, and an orange-profiled hood that subtly identifies them as part of the Series. Each item is engineered to easily adapt to temperature shifts from indoor
to outdoor environments, granting superior thermoregulation. This is made possible through Thermo-FibreTM, a lightweight, quick-drying insulation developed by Napapijri and made of air-trapping microspheres. All the items in the 20-22° Series are made of high-quality, partially recycled, water-resistant materials, and are completely down-free.


Volumes and textures form the foundation for a larger selection of down-free puffer jackets where the naval theme continues
in the colour palette, which combines beige, light grey and yellow, and in the juxtaposition of matte cotton and rubber. The pu
ffers are also available in two seasonal prints made with a reflective thread. One is inspired by ice and the other by a satellite view of Finland’s landscape.

Ease Supima Cotton Collection

FW20’s Ease collection, made of premium Supima cotton, continues the naval inspiration through colour, shapes and details. Natural tones such as camel, navy blue, mélange grey are associated to geometric cuts that are inspired by life at sea such as the exaggerated turtlenecks found in both male and female jumpers. The whole collection is defined by small reflective details and orange traits that unify all pieces into one aesthetic concept, the brand’s logo in performing prints, and reflective thread details on the chords.