Superdry Brand Reset 2020


2020 Never more different. Never more true.

The Superdry reset marks a new, exciting chapter in the brands journey. Introducing four essential style collections for men and womenthat embody the creativity and relevance of contemporary culture. 

Since the brands inception Superdry has taken a global, collective approach to style, influenced by the diverse cultures of the UK, America and Japan, this inspiration continues to play out across the style choices, which tap into both the familiar and the new. Each collection is an expression of individuality and self-confidence. 

The first of these style choices is Original and Vintage, inspired by the brands passion for vintage, detail, materials and art, this collection is crafted with the truth of the source. Original & Vintage is a signature aesthetic of Superdry, which is loved by the style obsessed all over the world and across generations. This collection references the icons of style: denim jackets, plaid shirts, sweats and Ts with a relaxed familiarity. 

Superdry Studios offers a sophisticated and minimal aesthetic, with its go – to wardrobe staples for men and women. This collection is confidently understated, with clean lines and super soft cottons and wools. This style choice is considered and effortless. Studios is about doing the right thing, right now and for the future, using beautiful natural and eco-friendly materials.  

Sport Style has its roots in streetwear, a universal aesthetic, which takes design cues from sportswear and performance. The highlights include a fresh new logo and graphics on sweatpants and tops, lightweight and puffer jackets.

Superdry X, Fearless energy. Is a unique interpretation of youth and energy, disruptive and democratic, this collection takes direct inspiration from city graphics of NY, Tokyo, and London, seen on Ts, hoodies and jackets.

Footwear has a new focus, with a collection of options across the style choices with the highlight being, the launch of the Superdry ‘Basket Lux’  Vegan trainers. Certified by the Vegan Society and rigorously tested 172 times to ensure that all ingredients, raw materials and/or components do not contain any animal derivatives, product or animal by-product during the manufacturing and production process.

Superdry has stepped up, with one foot on eits ecological future and the other at the forefront of style. The new trainers are just one expression of the Superdry commitment to becoming more sustainable and environmentally aware, aiming to use materials that respect the welfare of animals and that minimise our impact on the planet.